LIFE AFTER COVID-19: Uncertainty in view

Life After covid-19: Uncertainty in view. By: AMUDA ABDULKABEER ABISOLA

In the closing days of the year 2019 a glitch hit the earth in form of a disease in the city of Wuhan, China. Ever since, it’s been a nightmare as the disease has now spread to more than half of the world.


The disease known as CORONAVIRUS DISEASE also called COVID-19, is an infectious respiratory disease caused by the newly discovered coronavirus. Similar to the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).


Following the discovery of this disease and the spreading across several nations in the world. All social activities have since been shot with many countries on total lockdown having its citizens stay in for days –more like months. Economic and business activities have been slowed down with millions of people put out of their jobs.


So many disruptions have occurred across many industries in the world, countless number of people have had to discharge their duties from the four walls of their residence, most schools have now been moved to the online scene with no physical interactions whatsoever. The fate of the world has since been in the hands of frontline medical personnel who are doing a lot to contain the disease while finding a vaccine.


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With the fight against the coronavirus disease ongoing, the human populace is faced with a vast challenge of sustaining its economy as any further fall in that would bring about a global crisis, one which would cause a heavier problem to the world. It is already stated that most of the previous practices in the world prior to the coronavirus pandemic will take a new turn, how could it not? Considering People have been subjected to a sudden way of life without consent or control.



Life is now viewed in a new perspective; humanity is now being put first before any form of disparity- with people coming together to help each other and meeting at a common ground to fight the virus together irrespective of race, religion or nationality. This new lifestyle can be credited to the impacts of the disease. Although the post pandemic season is yet to begin but different people have projected it to being a time when a lot of persons will take a hit in the initial stage after which better and newer methods of interacting will emerge in different sectors around the world.

Uncertainty seems to be the order of the day when discussing the post pandemic season, but one thing known for sure is that most parties affected will have to start all over or at least restructure it mode of operation. Physical human interaction will probably go extinct – social gatherings will unfortunately pose as a threat to the safety of the human populace, religiousness will eventually be seen as a personal thing as it maybe should be. Machines will occupy a significant percentage of the workforce; the COVID_19 pandemic has made it very evident that machines can still get the work done with little to no supervision thanks to the rapid advancement in technology.



Hygiene enforcement will be the new cool – a relapse of the virus will be a disaster that can cost us everything, hence everything will be given to prevent that.
Although some of these new development sound very scary and mind bugging but it is the reality we have to adjust to immediately. Evolution is inevitable anyway!…


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