Jaela – Ten |Single (Mp3 Download)

Sizzling hot single by everyone’s favorite girl Jaela titled TEN heats up the industry with only just a few days in circulation.

“Ten” is a feel good song about glowing up and upgrading onto better things in life. The extraordinary singer expresses this in a scrumptious blend of urban pop and a splash of trap, producing a mellifluous tune that pushes your sexy inner goddess to the surface. Lol yh, even the boys too.

Jaela shares her journey from a time when she was looked down upon, through her growth, to her transformation into a brand new person.

This song was written to give young black girls like herself confidence to be sexy and comfortable in their own skin. As someone who struggled and is still learning how to be comfortable being only what she is inside, Jaela wants to bring a positive message to herself and other women going through the rough reality that is society.

This song is a must listen.. Download below!!

Jaela - Ten |Single (3 downloads)
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