About Us & Contacts

The Grill Hype Group is an online media relations group for publicity ranging from music to brands, business, events, art and entrepreneurship..
We handle hype for pretty much anything really!
Established in 2017, The Grill Hype group has offered a wide variety of social media promotions and local networking for all contents that needs hype as well as events organizing and management.
You make a statement, we’ll echo it!!
To inquire about our hype packs and their price list or to book a pack slot and get your niche hyped, you can contact us via;

E-mail: Thegrillofffical@gmail.com

WhatsApp: Click Here

Instagram: @thegrillofficial

Twitter: @thegrillofficia

Catch a vibe, hype your style. Holla at a brand you can trust..
Stay connected, stay Grilled!!