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The Grill Hype Group is an online media relations group for general publicity. We handle hype for pretty much anything! Established in 2017, The Grill Hype group has offered a wide variety of social media promotions and local networking for all contents that needs hype. You make a statement, we’ll echo it!!
The Grill also dabbles into Events Planning and Organisation as well as Skill Management, amongst other things. We are an all round entertainment logistics group.

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Widely known for our topnotch services and promotions, The Grill also offers a medium for Events Hosts to sell their tickets online. Now you can sell your tickets in style and with ease.
To purchase tickets to any of our upcoming shows happening near you, CLICK HERE
To inquire about how to sell your tickets on our site CLICK HERE

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The Grill Hype Group prides itself in handling every client and job with the utmost priority. We are offering accurate and speedy service delivery while giving you the best customer experience, interacting with our services.
If you have a need, The Grill’s got you. Stay connected, Stay Grilled!!

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